Business Data storage options ...

Business users have a choice of options for their specific backup needs.

Business data storage solutionsBusinesses often overlook the critical data being created and stored on employee desktops and laptops. An increasingly mobile workforce means more employees working away from the protection of the corporate network.

And then there’s tape backup. Ever try to recover from that? Why leave your company’s data integrity to chance when there is a secure, offsite, and completely automated solution readily available?

Much of a company’s critical data is stored on employee desktops and laptops, and yet studies show that more than 90 percent of all business workstations are not being backed up.

Desktops and laptops are especially vulnerable—hard drive failure, drops, spills, theft or loss—but our “set it and forget it” method of backup eliminates the possibility of file loss due to theft, damage, human error, or mechanical malfunction. Not many things in life are quite as distressing as losing valuable data.Security errors

And now we also include file sync with every business backup plan, giving your employees access to their critical files wherever they’re working. Let us help you take the pain out of backup by choosing from the Business plans we offer.


Business Briefcase for Professionals

See the same files on every PC *Adds a new drive to each PC – very easy to use *Access your files online from anywhere *Absolutely unlimited bandwidth *View photos, documents and movies online *Listen to your music online *Share your files with friends and family *Install it on as many computers as you want *Works with all Windows and Mac PCs

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Our Pro 1TB Bundle

  • 1TB of Microsoft OneDrive storage + 50GB Outlook emai
  • Plus online versions of Word Excel Power Point!
  • Backup – sync – share data.
  • Works with Windows and Macs – also on mobiles and tablets.
  • Full support from Microsoft.

Storage Backup

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100GB OSBM Backup

You can sign up to our OSBM 100GB storage + unlimited bandwidth product using the Ahsay software system.

License can be installed on multiple servers. Windows/Mac/Linux. Files + DB + Email. SQL/MySQL/Oracle/Exchange/Lotus. Fully customizable.

Server Backup

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