What Price Your Data ...

What price would you put on your data?

What price your data logoCloudBackupStorage Complete Unlimited Backup Service is perfect for all home, small business and corporate users. You can back up as many computers as you want so you never risk losing precious memories of loved ones or important financial letters for example. We charge £49 per year (including FREE account setup) for Unlimited Cloud Backup Storage.

Business Briefcase Storage

With multiple and varied storage options, starting from a massive 500 GB for only £39 per year.

It’s incredibly easy to set up and your files are automatically backed up as and when you want them including a “Realtime Protection Mode” for the super cautious user. Your backed up files can be accessed from any computer or mobile device connected to the Internet, anywhere in the world so you are never far from your precious data.

Multiple Backup Systems with multiple suppliers

We are offering multiple products from multiple suppliers for dedicated business users. The Office 365 system and Ahsay replication software are available as well as LiveDrives legendary systems. Please see our Business products here with prices starting at as little as £4.44 per month per TB.

Simple, secure online backup

CloudBackupStorage protects your precious files by keeping a copy of them safely online, in the cloud. It’s hassle-free, easy-to-install, completely secure – and, most importantly, backs up all your important files, no matter how many you’ve got!

Our Product Explained

  • It backs up all of your files – no limit on space/numbers of computers
  • Hassle free and easy to install
  • Restore files at any time
  • View your files anywhere
  • Completely safe and secure, all our Cloud suppliers are located right here in the UK
  • Telephone and Email Support
  • Fast, secure, easy to use & instant setup
  • See your backed up files on the web, iPhone & iPad
  • Installs in minutes.
  • Automatically backs up your files while you work.
  • Log in online at any time to view your files and download them.
  • 100% safe and secure. Your files are encrypted and stored multiple times
  • We offer a 7 day FREE TRIAL. Click here to set your own account up online NOW or telephone us on 07876 - 51 00 43.

Keep all your files safe

CloudBackupStorage works quietly in the background to protect your files as you use your computer. You don’t need any technical knowledge, and it backs up all of your files – no matter how many you’ve got. You can restore your files at any time with one click.

View your files anywhere

viewfilesanywhereOnce you’ve backed up your files with CloudBackupStorage you can view them from anywhere – from any web browser, or from your mobile and tablet. You can view your photos and documents, and even listen to your music and watch your movies, wherever you are.

Complete peace of mind

With CloudBackupStorage you can be sure your files are safe and secure. We keep multiple copies of your files, so you can get to them at any time, and we also encrypt them with military-grade encryption, so that they’re completely private. If you need help at any time our outstanding support comes free!